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Ernesto provides an experience that audiences talk about at the event, and long after it is finished!”

Your event offers no do-overs!

You’ve been planning your event for months… why gamble on your speaker selection?

Ernesto understands the role he plays on every event he speaks at, that’s why he will over deliver every time!

He understands the tremendous effort event planners put on their events. After all, he has over 12 years of experience as an event planner and promoter. Seldom you will find a speaker who understands the “other side of the coin”. Besides being an impactful speaker with a powerful message, Ernesto is flexible and easy to work with. He knows he is there to support you and to make sure your audience has the best experience ever.

Ernesto does not behave like a prima-donna. You can count on him to assist you in every way he can. He will be there for you and your audience before, during and after the event.

Over 60 percent of his engagements are repeat engagements. Because of his extensive body of knowledge none of his presentations are ever the same. He is an avid reader and a life long learner bringing to the stage new insights on every opportunity.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zoGxTmWA7HUErnesto’s international experience has contributed directly to his value as a speaker. He has addressed countless industries and learned the challenges and opportunities associated with each of those industries’ business models, giving him a broad understanding beneficial to all of his audiences. He has spoken in 57 countries, to people of over 120 nationalities making him a true global business speaker. Being exposed to so many cultures and ways of doing business has also added depth and perspective providing a tremendous value to his future clients.

Common Audience Reaction To Ernesto’s Presentations:

You deserve a multi-talented and resourceful speaker at your event!

Not all speakers are created equal!

Some can deliver a 45 minute Keynote, but cannot deliver a 4 hour workshop. Most can talk, yet few will inspire. Some speakers are comfortable with a small crowd but they are very ineffective engaging a large audience…

Ernesto can motivate an audience of 10,000 or can facilitate a 5 people brainstorming session, he can be your Master of Ceremonies or can conduct an outside Team Building session…

Discover all the different ways on how Ernesto can help you make your event a complete success!
Using your mouse, point and hover on each picture to find out why Ernesto is the right choice when selecting a speaker/trainer/mc or facilitator for your coming event:

Keynote Speaker

Are you looking for a Keynote Speaker who can deliver a powerful message? Ernesto has delivered over 500 keynote presentations in two languages in 5 continents. None of his presentations are ever the same, he will create bespoke presentations to every occasion to ensure his message will resonate with every audience.


Do you need an effective trainer to deliver a high-impact training?

Let Ernesto work with your staff for 4 hours or multi-day trainings in the topics of sales, digital marketing, team building, innovation or change management.

Multi-Cultural Workshops

Understanding different cultures is one of the biggest challenges international organizations face on a daily basis. After working with 120 different nationalities in 57 countries, Ernesto has developed a unique understanding on how to do business around the world. His insights will be incredibly valuable for employees at all levels.

High-Impact Motivation

The company that has always put reliability first. We started to work with Ford in 2002, and now this is one of the partners who’ve been with us for more than 15 years! We believe that this partnership is one of the achievements we can be proud of.

Team Spirit Building

Are you looking for a trainer who can work with your team on outside and inside activities? Ernesto has worked with Corporate Teams, Sports Teams, Sales Teams, Hotel and Airline Staff. He is an expert in making teams bond and understand the power and importance of working together.

Company Culture

Developing a company culture is essential for every organization. Ernesto played an important role on the developing of company cultures for international organizations in the Hotel Industry, Manufacturing, the Airline Industry and the Building and Construction industries. All his interventions are tailor made to suit your needs and requirements.

Corporate Retreats

Are you organizing a corporate retreat or company meeting? Ernesto will be a perfect addition to your event. His thought provoking and interactive presentations have proven to be extremely effective for organizations of all sizes.

Master of Ceremonies

Do you need someone to run your event in the most effective way? Ernesto is an expert in making events memorable. He will work with you before the event and will guide you on the process of planning the event. And during the event, you can just sit-down and relax as he will make sure everything runs like clockwork

Executive Meetings

Are you looking for a facilitator to work with with you and your board or directors or high-level executives? Ernesto has years of experience facilitating high-level executive meetings. His guidance and expertise will be very valuable in your next brainstorming, innovation or corporate planning meetings

Ernesto is Trusted by Top Organizations Around the World
Cultivate Innovation and Solve Complex Business Challenges


“Not following up after an event is the same as filling up your bathtub without first putting the plug in the drain.”

An event can be the catalyst of positive change for an organization. However, in most cases there has to be some follow-up.

Think about it: You hire a speaker. Everyone leaves the event motivated. And then what?

Multiple studies show that immediately after a 45-minute presentation, listeners only remembered 50% of the content. A day later that number drops to 25%, a week later drops to less than 10%, and as the days go by, everyone forgets everything altogether.

No matter how amazing your event is, people will need a constant reminder while on the job to put concepts into action and to build new habits.

If desired, Ernesto can design for you a follow-up plan reinforcing his content after his speech. This follow-up can be done online or in person.

We will be happy to workout with you a custom made plan of action immediately following your event.

Interested in Hiring Ernesto?

Contact us at +1 (713) 591-22-51 or click on the button below to connect with him directly.

Speaking fees will vary and may be negotiable depending on your event date, location, duration and audience size

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