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Training isn’t just important to any company, it is vital!

Bring Ernesto Verdugo to inspire your team and create a long lasting impact in your organization!

Organizations Who Consistently Bring Ernesto To Train Their Teams:


10 Reasons Why Ernesto Is Your Best Option As A Corporate Trainer:

1. Ernesto has been trained by the best trainers in the world.

– Ernesto has been a certified trainer with Anthony Robbins, Jack Canfield and Stephen Covey.

2. Ernesto has trained in over 50 different countries people of 121 nationalities.

– The wealth of knowledge he brings to the table is unique.
– His understanding of different cultures is vital for any organization.

3. Ernesto is multilingual. He speaks English, Spanish and Dutch with good knowledge of German, Italian, French and Portuguese. Although he trains only in English and Spanish, his understanding of different languages and cultures makes him a unique kind of trainer.

4. Ernesto has an uncanny way to deliver his message and inspire people to take action.

– CEO’s and team leaders use his communication abilities to get their message across to their teams.

5. Ernesto is RESULTS driven NOT content driven.

– Ernesto is NOT a regular trainer.
– He will partner with you before, during and after the training to make sure you obtain the desired results.

6. Ernesto tailors his educational material to each and every industry or client.

– Ernesto delivers bespoke trainings every time! NOTHING on his presentation is “canned”.
– He will deliver EXACTLY what your team needs.

7. Ernesto’s trainings are FUN, engaging and highly motivational.

– Ernesto is a master in accelerated learning.
– His unique blend of entertainment and behavioral psychology all his trainings become an experience.

8. Ernesto is an avid trend hunter. His content is FRESH and RELEVANT making him a perfect catalyst for innovation.

– Ernesto’s behavioral insights and deep understanding of trends and global affairs make him invaluable getting organizational breakthroughs.

9. Ernesto’s focus is IMPLEMENTATION!

– Training does not end when the class is over.
– Ernesto will work with you to make sure what was learned in the classroom in applied.

10. Ernesto is EASY TO WORK WITH! You can ALWAYS consider him your right-hand man.

– Leaders call on Ernesto because he is trustworthy and reliable.
– You will find in him a perfect learning and developing partner.

When Should You Bring Ernesto To Your Organization?

Your Organization Is Facing Change

While change can be scary for most individuals, changing their focus from change to progress will always bring the desired results.

Ernesto has made a career helping management teams provide a structured approach to change.

Over the last 20 years, he’s helped multiple organizations through the challenges that come with rapid change, mergers, acquisitions and reorgs.

Be aware: If the pace and nature of change overwhelms the management team or your employees your change initiatives will fail!

Why risk it?

Ernesto can help you prepare people to face intense and unexpected challenges that might come from any direction!

Give Ernesto a call today.

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Your Staff Needs to Become A Team

When an organization lacks collaboration and teamwork skills, it often ends up functioning as a collection of silos. Inconsistencies, narrow viewpoints and competition between groups will eventually result in lost opportunities—and lost money.

By creating TEAM SPIRIT, you will eradicate unhealthy politics, misunderstandings, absenteeism, poor performance and poor morale.

So, how can Ernesto help your employees become a team?

1. By helping employees understand their own thinking and the biases that come with it.

2. Helping them communicate effectively with those who think differently.

3. By giving them a framework and common language to engage with people they normally have difficulties to communicate with.

If you want an effective team, give Ernesto a call.

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Your Organization Needs Innovation

The ability to innovate begins with a change in mindset – Ernesto can help your organization cultivate a mindset for innovation through awareness.

Mention the word innovation in a corporate context, and you’re likely to see some eyes rolling. The word “innovation” has turned into something of a buzzword whose application is so broad and nebulous that it often feels useless…

That’s because most organizations have a limited level of awareness on what innovation really is.

If you are looking for transformative change or next level thinking, you need to have a call with Ernesto.

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You Need To Get A Message Across

Communication is the essence of success. PERIOD!

As a leader, there is NO EXCUSE for being a bad presenter or a bad speaker.

If you want to communicate with laser sharp precision, making sure your message gets across or is memorable every time, you need to master the art of presentation and obtain the skills of persuasion.

“Death by PowerPoint” is the single biggest professional sin in the world today!

If you want to communicate like a master give Ernesto a call right away.

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Ernesto is an HDBI Certified Trainer

Everybody thinks differently, but few organizations are able to leverage cognitive diversity as a strategic advantage.

The ways individuals think guide how they work.
The ways groups of individuals think guide how the teams they form work. The ways that groups of teams think (and work) make or break the companies they work for.

To put it plainly, the success of a business depends on the ability of its management teams to drive communication, innovation, and productivity within and across functions. In 35+ years of working with Fortune 100 clients, we’ve found that understanding thinking is the key to business-level success.

THE HBDI Whole Brain Thinking Model will help you decode the way your team thinks, improve how they work together, and amplify what they accomplish. Look at the results below:

Ernesto Uses the WHOLE BRAIN Training Methodology:

Take a peek at what happens during Ernesto’s trainings to understand how unique they are:

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Want to work with us?

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