who is oskar?

Hi, welcome to my website. I prefer to do business with people that I know and trust.  On this page I want to give you a chance to get to know me. I hope we can meet someday and work together.  Until then you can learn more about me below. 

I grew up on a small Island called Resarö, outside Stockholm. Nature was always close, and we spent the summers sailing in the Stockholm archipelago and the winters in the Swedish mountains. 

Just a few days after graduating from high school, I flew down to Greece, where I spent the summer. This got me even more interested in the world. I spent the winter working in a Swedish ski resort. After my military service, I studied German in Germany and finally ended up in a hotel School in Switzerland. In my school, we had more than 55 nationalities. 

My second year I did in their sister school in Australia. The third year I went back to Switzerland. After graduating, I got a job offer in Bali, Indonesia, where I worked for six months. After Bali, I moved back to Sweden and worked for various hotel chains as a sales manager. 2007 I moved to Dubai to work for Sheraton Jumeirah. In my keynotes about cross-culture communication, I mix scientific research with my own experience of living in 7 countries, travelling to more than 50 and interacting with more than 150.

nature inspires

Change starts with a goal. Knowing what you want instead. Nature can be a powerful tool for inspiration.

One of my high school teachers recommended us to write down our goals. I decided to write down 10 goals for the next 5 years. I found my list of goals 5 years later and 9 were achieved. This started a life long interest in our ability to create our own future. 2012 I started to take out groups to the desert outside of Dubai to help them work out their goals. TUGS - the ultimate goal seminar was born. 

TUGS in the desert of Dubai became a huge success. Unfortunately it is too hot to do it in the summer. So 2017 I decided to launch the same concept in Sweden during the summer months. Instead of the desert I used a large catamaran cruising between the islands where I grew up.  5 minutes before the first workshop it started to snow. Not common in May but it does happen. 

I love sailing

I grew up sailing on the islands outside Stockholm. When I decided to launch TUGs Stockholm I knew it had to do it there.

inspired by mother

Like many, two of my biggest sources of inspiration is my mother and father.

My mother worked with engagement and happiness at work in Sweden in the 80s and 90s. As a small kid I joined in on her events. This has inspired me and I am now honored to continue her work into the future. The only difference now is new technology and that organisations are more global. 

My father has worked with technology most of his life. He is also an entrepreneur that has been involved in many different businesses. In the 80s he bought a Macintosh that got me hocked. On my Fathers family side everyone is an engineer. From this side of the family, I get inspiration about new technologies that I share about in my keynotes. now.

inspired by my father 

My father is my inspiration when it comes to entrepreneurship and technology. 

inspired by mental training 

Mental training changed my life. A method developed by psychology professor Lars- Eric Uneståhl. 

My interest for personal development started in my early 20s. In 2005 I bought my first iPod and I filled it with learning material. I started to study the works of Brian Tracy, Jack Canfield, Tony Robbins etc. After you have worked with yourself you for a while you realize you want to work with others. I started to look for coaching certifications. I found mental training and got certified in 2012. I continued to study and have certifications in coaching, NLP, Positive Psychology, science of happiness ++. I believe in life long learning and will continue to study for life.  

Fun pictures 

Oskar Andermo speaking

Oskar Andermo
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