Oskar is a regular contributor to different media outlets. Below are examples of podcasts, articles and other interviews.

Oskar is available for media interviews on business strategy, leadership, mental training, happiness, technology trends and international business. 

a few examples of podcast interviews with oskar Andermo


med Vogel. In Swedish. Anna and Oskar discuss happiness at work and mental training. 


In English. Successful habits and how you can use technology for a good life. 


efter guldet. In Swedish. Armond and Oskar discuss goals and mental toughness. 


till handling. In Swedish. Background of Strategic Tech Coaching and how to implement. 

a few examples of magazines where oskar Andermo has been featured

a few examples of youtube channels with oskar Andermo

iphone life 

iPhone life is a magazine about apple products where I have been a regular con

Oskar wrote several blogposts for iPhone life sharing how technology can be a tool for personal development. Here you can read some: 

iPhone life blog

Stc podcast

2017 I launched the Strategic Tech Coaching podcast. 

The STC podcast is about giving a toolbox for people that want to be happy, successful and productive in a rapid changing world. Oskar has interviewed some of the top experts on personal development, leadership and future technologies. 

Listen here

Oskar Andermo
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