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Ernesto Verdugo at the International Speakers Forum

This 1 Unusual Strategy
Can Make You an
In-Demand Speaker FAST!

If you are only asked to speak for free, it is time to show
them why they should invest in you


Discover how to get hired to speak CONSISTENTLY!

– Are you an author, expert, coach or CEO who wants to get hired
to speak regularly at local or international events?

– Do you want to be a featured keynote speaker in conferences?

– Do you want to grow your business through public speaking?

– Do you want to enter the amazing world of professional speaking?

If you answered YES to any of the questions above, you need
to book a FREE discovery call with Ernesto Verdugo!

If you consider yourself an expert or a thought leader and you are not getting paid stages, you do not need an agent… you need
a marketing strategy that works.

That’s why a FREE one-on-one call with Ernesto Verdugo
is EXACTLY what you’ve been looking for!

Ernesto Verdugo and Christian Farioli

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Who is Ernesto Verdugo?

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Ernesto is an international award-winning speaker and event planner with over 25 years of experience in the speaking industry.

Ernesto’s experience as an event planner is unparalleled. He is one of the most recognized event planners in Dubai and has worked directly with over 300 speakers including many celebrities.

Because Ernesto is BOTH an event planner and a speaker, his insights on the event industry can help beginner and seasoned speakers alike get more well-paid speaking opportunities.

“Thanks to Ernesto’s speaker marketing mentoring, my phone does not stop ringing! New clients in multiple industries are hiring me to speak at their events and train their staff on the topic of identity theft.”

Frank Mulcahy
Founder Identity Theft Advisory Group

Why Choose Ernesto As Your Speaker Marketing Mentor?

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Ernesto Verdugo Speaker Theory

What is this “Unusual” Strategy?

What if I tell you there are 6 speaker circuits in the event industry and each circuit requires a different marketing strategy…

If you are not getting hired to speak consistently or you are having difficulties raising your price-point as a speaker, you might be using the wrong marketing strategy.

During your FREE discovery call with Ernesto, you will discover the “unusual” marketing strategy used by the industry most in-demand speakers.

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Ernesto Verdugo and Di Downie
Ernesto Verdugo with Japanese Lady
Ernesto Verdugo in Burj Al Arab

This call is about YOU…
You will have Ernesto’s undivided attention!

In a short period of time (usually 20 minutes)
Ernesto will find out where you currently are in your career and will help you move forward.

Ernesto will share with you specific ideas applicable to YOUR specific situation.

Ernesto will be happy to answer any question you might have on the topic of professional speaking.

If Ernesto thinks you are the right fit, he might ask you to explore international possibilities with him.

Ernesto has an uncanny ability to discover talent.
He’s helped many speakers launch their careers…
Perhaps yours is next!

Ernesto has a NO B.S. policy and will tell you exactly what he thinks. This call will be very helpful to you.

Ernesto is an implementer. If you are serious about your speaker career, he will tell you what to do next.

After the call you will feel inspired and ready to take action in the right direction. (no more guessing)

Nobody else is helping speakers in the way Ernesto does: PERSONALLY! We are sure you will find the call interesting and rewarding!


Here’s a short-list of what Ernesto can help you with:

1. Diagnosing your speaker marketing strategy
2. Think like an event planner and get hired more often
3. Find events looking for speakers like you
4. Help you clarify your marketing message
5. Help you with your speaker positioning strategy
6. Create a pipeline to get consistent speaking gigs
7. Assemble an effective Speaker Media Kit
8. Launch your speaker career
9. Raise your speaking fees
10. Grow your business using speaking as a growth tool

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Call Ernesto Right Now!

Ernesto Verdugo speaks in NASA



Book Your FREE Discovery Call

Select a date and time to talk personally with Ernesto.

Ernesto Will Call You
On The Agreed Time

Please make sure to write the agreed time in your agenda and find a quiet place to talk to him.

Share With Him Your Goals And Challenges

Ernesto will listen carefully what you have to share and will share with you applicable ideas for your specific situation.

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What happens after the call, is up to you…

You can decide if you want to implement alone or work with Ernesto as your speaker marketing mentor.

Ernesto is particularly interested in working with high achievers who understand that speaking is a business not a hobby.

On this 20 minute discovery call, Ernesto will analyze your situation and will help you get a better picture of what you need to do to achieve your particular goals. This is a one-on-one call because every speaker needs a different solution.

Ernesto’s solutions are straight and to the point. He will not waste his time or yours.

During the call you will agree with him what path is right for you and you will set up a plan of action if necessary.

Click here if you want to find out why mentoring is important

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1. Gen X Speakers (40-55) no matter their speaking experience.
2. Baby Boomers interested in repositioning themselves in the marketplace
3. Millennial (20-40) speakers interested in entering the paid speaking industry
4. Authors and Experts interested in getting more paid speaking opportunities
5. CEO’s thinking already on their next step (being a member of the board)
6. Coaches and Trainers interested in getting more coaching or training gigs
7. Doctors interested in speaking in medical conferences around the world

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You will be in good company when you work with Ernesto!
Ernesto Verdugo with Russell Brunson
Russell Brunson Digital Marketing Expert
Ernesto Verdugo with Perry Marshall in Dubai
Perry Marshall Author of Evolution 3.0
Ernesto Verdugo with Mike Koenings
Mike Koenigs Founder Digital Cafe
Ernesto Verdugo with Raymond Aaron
Raymond Aaron NY Times Best Selling Author
Ernesto Verdugo and Author of Barak 2.0 David Bullock
David Bullock Author Barack 2.0
Ernesto Verdugo and Dr. Ruben West in Astrolabs in Dubai
Dr. Ruben West Founder Black Belt Speakers
Ernesto Verdugo and Ridgely Goldsborough
Ridgely Goldsborogh Author Why Marketing
Ernesto Verdugo with James Dentley
Dr. James Dentley Founder Inspired2Speak
Ernesto Verdugo with Tony Buzan
Tony Buzan Creator of Mind Mapping
Ernesto Verdugo and Coach CArter
The Real Coach Carter
Ernesto Verdugo and Chris Okazaki in Dubai
Chris Okazaki (The Tony Robbins of Japan)
Ernesto Verdugo with Astronaut Carfano in NASA
Astronaut Louis Carfano

Jason Mayers | Bob Urichuk | Patrick Shwerdtfeger | Frank Mulcahy | Joel Bauer | Gail Kingsbury | Phil Bedford | Michael Diederich
Chris Baldwin | Joseph Lazukin | Pete Garcia | Dave Crane | Melonie Dodaro | Tracy Repchuck | Roberto Cerrada | Simon Leung
Rehan Allawallah | Ali Sabkar | Rosalind Gardner | Marie O’riordan | Rick Itzkowitch | Jeff Smith | Roberto Candelaria | Aaron Young

The list goes on…

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Ernesto Partners With These Prestigious Organizations For His Events:


Raise your hand if you’re ready!

I look forward to speaking with you personally…
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Ernesto Verdugo in Minute Maid Park
Ernesto Verdugo Inspirational Quote
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