In a world that's rapidly globalizing, the ability to effectively communicate across cultures isn't just a skill—it's a necessity. 

As international barriers blur and multicultural environments become the norm, understanding cross-cultural dynamics is pivotal to thrive, both personally and professionally.

Oskar Andermo's Cross-Cultural Communication Workshop is designed for this very future. With over two decades of experience living in seven countries and interacting with over 150 nationalities, Oskar has curated a program that not only teaches the nuances of intercultural dialogue but also emphasizes the importance of adaptability and a growth mindset in these interactions.

A skill for the 21st century!

"A mixture of Oskar's own experiences and research made this a very interesting lecture! In an increasingly global world, it becomes extremely important to understand different perspectives and take advantage of everyone's skills " 

Christer Axén, 

Leadership and organisational consultant


The way we communicate is very different depending on our cultural background. Something that can be perceived as direct in one culture is indirect in another.

Working in multi cultural teams offers plenty of opportunities for misunderstandings. And, if managed the wrong way, can have very negative consequences.

Small adjustments makes a big difference

Within the Intercultural Development Continuum, companies progress through stages from denial to adaptation. The most forward-thinking and effective organizations not only accept but actively adapt, harnessing the rich potential of diverse cultural perspectives. By embracing adaptation, they foster a harmonious, innovative, and globally-responsive work environment. Ensure your organization thrives in our interconnected world by aiming for adaptation.

About Oskar Andermo: Growing up immersed in both Swedish and Chinese cultures, Oskar's foundation in cross-cultural understanding was laid early. His global journey took him to live in seven countries, including an enriching 13-year stint in Dubai, and travels to over 50 countries. These diverse interactions, combined with his marriage to a Brazilian wife, have equipped him with a nuanced perspective on global communication. Living and working with over 150 different nationalities, Oskar's mission is to bridge cultural divides, and his firsthand experiences infuse authenticity and depth into every presentation. Oskar doesn't just share theoretical knowledge – he offers a mosaic of lived insights into the vibrant world of cross-cultural dynamics.

Perfect for anyone working in international environments
Leadership, team work or sales 
Tailormade for your situation
Keynote, workshop, longer training or 1-1 coaching
Based on several researchers on cross-culture
Combined with Oskar´s global experience

"With humour and facts, Oskar Andermo gives you a tour of culture clashes and of why certain conflicts arise in work environment and personal life alike. He effectively finishes off old ideas as biased and narrow-minded, such as the thought that eating with knife and fork is more advanced that emptying the bowl with chopsticks or your hand. And he does so without handing out a dish of shame. You are bound to recognise yourself and people you usually get irritated at with a humbling and funny familiarity. With his experience from different countries and interest in culture differences, Oskar is an ideal lecturer at any workplace, especially in a city like Dubai."



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