In a world marked by unceasing change, modern teams strive to lead, unite, and deliver. 

But while their dedication is unwavering, the challenges of integrating novel technologies, maintaining morale during swift transitions, and ensuring consistent productivity can be daunting.

The allure of the digital age is undeniable, with innovations promising streamlined operations and a globally connected world. Yet, it also poses challenges: potential detachment, a feeling of being overwhelmed, and the need for continuous adaptation. Add to this a beautifully diverse workforce, which, while being a strength, can occasionally lead to miscommunication or a lack of unity.

"Inspirational, educational and practical with tools that we could use immediately - exactly as was promised. Oskar also made the audience think which opened up for many interesting discussions about the future."

Leon Du Plessis

Managing Director
Africa, Middle East, Turkey
Abbott Molecular

Arbetsglädje - happiness at work

In the vibrant 80s and 90s, Oskar Andermo's world was filled with transformative ideas about workplace joy, thanks to his visionary mother, Gunilla. She pioneered happiness in sectors from hospitals to businesses, planting seeds that Oskar would later nurture.

Now, Oskar stands at the intersection of Gunilla's legacy and a tech-dominant era, poised to guide teams into the future.

Engagement in the 21st century

From the era of Gunilla Andermo to the present, Oskar identifies two pivotal shifts: the ubiquity of technology and the increasing diversity of today's workforce. Drawing on his credentials in coaching and positive psychology, and experiences in international leadership, Oskar seamlessly merges traditional workplace values with today's intricacies.

His goal? Elevate engagement and joy at work. Empower teams to not just navigate but flourish amidst swift changes, embracing and celebrating their diverse identities.

Oskar Andermo does more than just highlight the hurdles; he provides the roadmap to overcome them. Drawing from a wealth of experience and insights from his book, "Future-Proof Yourself", Oskar offers actionable strategies. It's about nurturing a growth mindset, enhancing adaptability, and honing self-leadership in a ceaselessly evolving world.

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I am writing to say my warmest greetings to Oscar Andermo for his nice presentation entitled "how to use technology for peak performance in life and business” at the international congress on mental training and neurobehavioral sciences, which hold by Iranian scientific society of clinical hypnosis on 26-28 Oct, 2017.Mashhad,Iran.
His attractive and engaging presentation was attended by about 500 participants.
We hope to have him in our future events.

Dr Mehdi Fathi

Congress organizer

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