The world isn't just changing; it's evolving at a dizzying speed. Each passing year seems to compress a decade's worth of shifts into a few short months. 

The question isn't if these changes will affect us, but when, and how profoundly. We need strategies to deal with this. 

Evolution crafted our bodies over a span of hundreds of thousands of years. The instincts, reactions, and mechanisms that govern us were designed for a world far removed from the neon lights and digital screens we're immersed in today. 

We are ancient machines, walking in a warp-speed world. The challenge? Our biology hasn't caught up to the torrent of today's innovations. We experience this dissonance daily – stress, information overload, the struggle to focus. Our very essence is often at odds with the ultra-modern environment enveloping us.

"Inspirational, educational and practical with tools that we could use immediately - exactly as was promised. Oskar also made the audience think which opened up for many interesting discussions about the future."

Leon Du Plessis

Managing Director
Africa, Middle East, Turkey
Abbott Molecular

Navigating the Tech Tide

We stand at the cusp of a technological renaissance. Artificial intelligence, blockchain, biotech, and countless other advancements are rewriting the playbook of possibilities. 

But with this explosion of tech comes a web of complexities. How can we understand these new tools, let alone harness their potential? The future isn't just about innovation, but interpretation.

The Evolutionary Mismatch: Navigating a Fast World with Ancient Wiring.

In the midst of technological whirlwinds, our ancient biological machinery is tested to its limits. While we can't change our evolutionary blueprint overnight, we can train our minds for resilience and adaptability. 

Self-leadership becomes our compass, guiding us through uncharted terrains. Embracing continuous learning, fostering mental agility, and maintaining emotional balance are no longer just commendable traits—they're essentials. 

Oskar Andermo doesn't just spotlight the challenges ahead but offers a compass to navigate them. Drawing from his rich tapestry of experiences, and the wisdom distilled in his book "Future-Proof Yourself", Oskar lays out tangible strategies to adapt and thrive. It's about cultivating a growth mindset, fostering adaptability, and mastering self-leadership in a world that refuses to stand still.

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I am writing to say my warmest greetings to Oscar Andermo for his nice presentation entitled "how to use technology for peak performance in life and business” at the international congress on mental training and neurobehavioral sciences, which hold by Iranian scientific society of clinical hypnosis on 26-28 Oct, 2017.Mashhad,Iran.
His attractive and engaging presentation was attended by about 500 participants.
We hope to have him in our future events.

Dr Mehdi Fathi

Congress organizer

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